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Alkaline Water & ORP Explained

Or is an 20 Minute Read Worth an Extra 5 Years of Life?

By Ian Blair Hamilton

t's a rhetorical question. We all know the answer - but in my experience the only time such a question seems to become important is when people don't actually have five years of life left.

It's often said that people spend more money on their health in the last two years of their life than the total of the rest of their life. In my experience this is so very true.

I don't want to waste time telling you how naughty you've been to fail to learn about your own health. God knows we are all so "busy" just surviving in this crazy world that oftentimes health takes a backstage position until it fails. It's like my son's car. He simply doesn't change the oil. He believes everything lasts forever. At age 26, so did I.

I have been asked many times to write down my understanding of acid and alkaline balance and its effects on health. This has usually been asked after I have spent an hour explaining it to someone, for the umpteenth time! So I'm going to give you my grand theory of everything about acid/alkaline balance now, and if you hear what I am saying, I know you'll understand and act upon this most fundamental of all health secrets.

Why is acid/alkaline balance 'fundamental'? Because this is about what happens at the microscopic level within our bodies; beyond the cellular level - at the atomic level. It's all about electricity, and about what happens to create energy in your body at the atomic level. It's about what doesn't happen, what should happen, and what will happen if you follow what I am suggesting. Most people I talk to already know that we are too acidic, because of acidic foods, drinks, pollution, lifestyle, stress ... almost everything is acidifying including watching the news at six.

We are told we need to alkalize, but what does that really mean? Many of us think that acidic water is just water with lots of acidic minerals in it, and alkaline water is water with lots of alkaline minerals in it - calcium, magnesium, potassium etc. But you can have acidic water with both acid and alkaline minerals in it; just more acids than alkalis, so it's not quite as simple as you may have thought.

Why am I explaining all this? Because if you can really understand this, you can begin a new way of thinking about your own and your loved one's health. The conventional approach to alkalizing something like water has been to take tap water, with its mix of acids and alkalis, then add more alkalis.

What's wrong with that? You're drinking a chemical cocktail - just to get your alkaline water.

But in this twenty minutes we're going to go far farther than this small point.

Let's assume that we have water with no minerals at all; distilled for instance. Then we add some calcium. Now we have alkaline water. The pH of this water may have gone from a neutral pH 7 to an alkaline pH 8; ten times more alkaline that pH 7. Most of us learned all this in chemistry class - as long as you weren't looking out the window like me!

Do you know what pH stands for? It comes from French, and means "per Hydrogen", which is a measure of the amount of Hydrogen in a liquid. Note; we're not talking about the amount of alkalizing or acidifying chemicals in a liquid. No, we're talking about the amount of hydrogen atoms. The chemicals or minerals just react with the water to create hydrogen atoms.

Why is this so important? Hydrogen fuels us. Hydrogen heals us. Hydrogen is our most essential nutrient. Hydrogen provides our life force! And pH equals amount of hydrogen in liquid, so it's a measure, if you like, of available life force in a liquid.