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Toxic Acidic Water & The Perfect Drinking Water


No one "makes" water -- it's made for us by nature.

We're all familiar with the cycle: rain, snow -- melt, rivers, lakes, oceans, evaporation, condensation, clouds, rain, snow . . . The cycle is still unchanged. But what happens to the water during that cycle, at the hands of man, has changed enormously -- even catastrophically -- during the last 150 years. That's why, for optimum health, you have to "make" water - electron rich alkaline water. Before I tell you how to do this, here's a quick review of why you should.



Toxic Acidic Chemicals


On the average, drinking water in the United States currently contains over 2,100 toxic chemicals that are known to cause cancerous states, cell mutation through acidic fermentation, and nervous system disorders created by these toxic acidic chemicals. This is not particularly surprising considering that there are close to 100,000 acidic chemicals now in everyday use -- with over 1,000 new ones being added each year.


In fact, according to the EPA, US industries generate some 79 million pounds of toxic acidic waste each year that is not disposed of properly - most of it ends up in our oceans leading to acid rain.


2nd Hand Acidic Water


What is probably more surprising to most people, though, is the fact that, according to the EPA, 53 million Americans unknowingly drink acidic tap water that is polluted by feces, radiation, or other acidic contaminants.

Also according to EPA, some 45 million people drink water contaminated with the parasite cryptosporidium that killed more than 100 people in Milwaukee in 1993.

Or that over half of all Americans drink acid water that has been used at least once before.


To summarize: You have to "make" good electron rich alkaline water because of acidic chemical residues, heavy metals, parasites, bacteria, human waste, agricultural waste, industrial waste, chlorine, fluoride -- all the insults imposed upon water by man.


"Man" does it, and we -- man by man, woman by woman -- have to undo it. And in doing so, as you'll see, we can even improve a bit on nature.


Industrial Pollution

Industrialization & technology have introduced new, complex, and sometimes lethal pollutants into our nation’s water systems. 

·    The underground aquifers that feed city water supplies may catch runoff from dump sites, landfills, and even underground storage tanks. 

·    The chemical we pump into the air from automobiles or factories eventually settle onto the land.  Sooner or later, anything we bury, spray, emit, or flush, finds its way into our drinking water.

·    According to Environmental Defense Group, more than 4 billion pounds of toxic chemicals are released into the environment each year, 72 million pounds of which are known carcinogens.

This is why about half of America’s ground water is contaminated; meaning about 1/4 of the population is exposed to contaminated drinking water.


·         Pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers used in massive quantities end up in underground aquifers

Drugs and Shampoo

·         Pharmaceuticals end up in wastewater treatment plants then recycled for water use.  Antibiotics, hormones and painkillers have been found in public drinking water.

·         Personal care products like cosmetics, toiletries and fragrances are chemicals put into water supplies

Little Critters

·         Cities treat water to kill most bacteria, they usually cannot kill all viruses and parasites, such as amoeba, Guardia, and cryptosporidium.

Chlorine in Drinking Water

·         Cities add chlorine to kill microorganisms but it is not entirely safe.  It can combine with organic materials to form thihalomethanes – a cancer promoting substance. 

·         Bladder cancer has been linked to chlorinated drinking water in 10 out of 11 most reliable studies.

·         Chlorinated  water has  also  been linked  to  birth  defects  and  spina bifida

·         Chlorinated tap water can hurt you even if you don’t drink it.  Those trihalomethanes get into your body when you shower they evaporate out of the water and you inhale them.  They are also absorbed into your body, more than drinking ½ gallon of chlorinated tap water.


Fluoride is a proven toxin.

·         The sodium fluoride is added to toothpaste and is created by aluminum smelting

·         The more toxic hydrofluosilicic acid or sodium silicofluoride is most commonly used in the water systems in the US and considered one  of the most  corrosive chemical agents known to man.

·         Fluoride can interfere with vitamin and mineral functions; it is also linked to calcium deposits and arthritis.

·         Dr. Charles Gordon Heyd, past president of the American Medical Association, stated, “Fluoride is a corrosive poison that will produce serious effects on a long range basis.”

Aluminum Problems

·         Water is also treated with aluminum to remove organic material.  Aluminum coagulates organic material into clumps but it is impossible to remove all the aluminum.

·         Boiling water may get rid of bacteria but the chemicals remain.


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